Tournament Results

Congrats to the NJSFAA 2014 Outdoor Champions

NJSFAA 2014 Outdoor State Champions
CLUB NAME:   Black Knight Bowbenders
First Name Last Name Division / Style Class
Samrina Elly AFFS (Adult Female Freestyle) A
Nicole Bergen AFFS (Adult Female Freestyle) B
Sue McKinnon AFTRAD (Adult Female Traditional) A
Chris Heycock AMBHFS (Adult Male Bow hunter Freestyle) AA
Adam Chadick AMFS (Adult Male Freestyle) A
Gregory Mancini AMFS (Adult Male Freestyle) AA
Frank Burdi AMTRAD (Adult MaleTraditional) A
Ashley Defrehn CFFS (Cub Female Freestyle) A
Brandon Chambers CMFS (Cub Male Freestyle) A
James Miller MSMFS (Master Senior Male Freestyle) A
Ed Ayers MSMFS (Master Senior Male Freestyle) AA
Warren Magee MSMFS (Master Senior Male Freestyle) B
Mark Pasmore PMFS(Adult Pro Male-Freestyle) AA
Matt Setzer SMBHFS (Senior Male Bow hunter Freestyle) A
Dave Schultz SMFS (Senior Male Freestyle) A
Jose Cuevas SMFS (Senior Male Freestyle) AA
Thomas Higgins SMTRAD (Senior Male Traditional) A
Kristina Kaye SSFFS (Silver Senior Female Freestyle) A
Phil Habrukowich SSMBHFS (Silver Senior Male Bow hunter Freestyle) A
JC Bradway SSMFS (Silver Senior Male Freestyle) AA
Elmer McKishen SSMFS (Silver Senior Male Freestyle) B
Avery Pagano YAMFS (Young Adult Male Freestyle) A

2014 NJ SFAA Outdoor Championship results.  Open this attachment for the results:  NJSFAA Outdoor States 2014 results

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